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If your business has stayed open despite the snow then it  is your employees’ responsibility to get to work. If they don’t turn in for work due to the snow (and therefore don’t provide work in return for pay) then, unless it says differently in their contract of employment you don’t have to pay them. However, this won’t create much goodwill among your workforce so it may be better to pay the price and support them now and in turn they will  return the favour when you need one (hopefully!)  P.S. For those cash rich employers out there who think I must be off my rocker even suggesting the idea of not paying employees in such conditions, spare a thought for the cash strapped businesses who are dealing with a catastrophic drop in orders as well as absentee employees!

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British Airways cave under strike pressure  UPDATE: BAA Doubled Pay Offer To Avoid Shutdown At 6 Airports – WSJ.com.

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The Government hase issued a Press Release stating that The Equality Act is set to go ahead in line with the planned October timetable. Employers can expect landmark provisions to protect disabled people from discrimination and efforts to narrow the gender pay gap. More details on the Government Equalities Office website.

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We have an employee who works part time and as a result she never works on a Monday. Do we have to pay her for Bank Holiday Monday’s?

In 2007 the employment appeal tribunal ruled that a part time employee will only be entitled to claim paid leave on a bank holiday if their full time counterparts would be paid on a Bank Holiday AND  if the part time worker would usually have worked on that particular Bank Holiday. So you can work out whether that would apply in your case. 

The potential problem was that by refusing to give part time workers the same benefit as full time workers the employer was discriminating against part time workers in breach of the regulations which protect them.

However, the court held that although the employee does suffer a detriment it is not because she works part-time but simply because she doesn’t work on Mondays. 

ELE members will find more information on their ELE web service account.

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Optician prosecuted for paying staff less than national minimum wage.

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