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It looks as though government will reduce employee rights to unfair dismissal claims by requiring them to have worked for their employer for at least 2 or even 3 years before they qualify. Lord Young suggested that the government may introduce such a measure to assist small businesses during the economic recovery. However,Lord Young told Radio 4 that he would ‘listen to employers before making a decision’.

‘With respect Lord Young: Why bother…. like all employment lawyers I have been listening to employers for years and I can assure you the answer is a no-brainer! If you ask employees the same question you may get a very different answer but if you want to turbo charge business then it’s time to give employers a break. Just go for it. ‘

You can listen to the interview here. It’s a very positive message for small businesses. Plus you can read the brief paper setting out government priorities for small business by clicking on this link.

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