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BIS has launched a new consultation document entitled ‘Consultation on Modern Workplaces’proposing proposes the following changes to UK employment law, specifically family friendly policies and working time regulations:

Even though in recent months changes were planned and then pulled regarding flexible working policies and paternity leave has just extended to allow fathers/ partners to share maternity leave with the mother …. here we go again!

Flexible parental leave
Retaining 18 weeks’ maternity leave for mothers, then reclassifying the remaining maternity leave as ‘parental leave’ and allowing it to be taken by either the mother or the father/partner, or both.

Flexible working
Extending the right to request flexible working to all employees.

Working time regulations
These changes would reflect the recent European cases enabling employees to carry over untaken holiday into subsequent years if they have lost the chance to take paid holiday because of sickness absence (would also apply to maternity/parental leave).

It is proposed that this carry over entitlement would only apply to the amount of leave afforded to employees under EU law, which is currently 4 weeks. So employees would not be entitled to carry over the extra 1.6 weeks they receive under UK employment law.

The government is considering proposals which would allow employers to ‘buy out’ that extra 1.6 weeks which could be construed as making a mockery of it if the argument is an economic one!

Equal Pay
Employment Tribunals that have found an employer to have discriminated on gender in relation to pay may order the employer to conduct a pay audit and publish their results except in some circumstances, such as where an audit has already been conducted.

The consultation is open until 8th August 2011. The Home Office has more details and you can read feedback, get involved and vote on the proposals here.

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