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By the time the worst of the snow and ice has subsided we will all be looking forward to the Spring and memories of stretched resources will dim from our minds…. at least until next Winter when employers will be scrambling to cope with absenteeism!

We have drafted a practical Extreme Weather Policy to help you manage your workforce during the bad weather and according to the experts you are going to need it as we are likely to have to endure the big freeze for at least the next 3 Winters and possibly even longer.

If you are an ELE member you can claim your ‘Snow Policy’ for free. Just call us and we will insert it into your Handbook and give you a copy to issue to existing employees. It is a very flexible policy and whether your employees can work from home or not, whether you want to allow them to swap time off for other types of leave or not, we have got it covered. In fact, the only way this Policy won’t be any use to your company, is if you don’t claim your free copy! So get your ducks in a row by emailing: info@eleonline.com or call us on 0870 300 3809 and don’t be caught out next Winter.  Merry Christmas!

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