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Job insecurity is at its highest since the recession started and staff morale is at its lowest since records began says the CIPD in a UK employment law and HR poll of over 200 employees.

21% of employees in the private sector think their employer is planning redundancies while that figure soars to 58% in the public sector; 29 % in the voluntary sector and 10% in the private sector.

For those employers who do plan to make redundancies it is advisable to speak with a UK employment law expert first as there is a procedure that must be followed in order to avoid unfair dismissal claims.

Even if employers don’t plan to make redundancies in the short term, they will benefit by addressing low staff morale and engendering a sense of job security wherever possible because the poll also found that the percentage of staff looking for a new job also increased from 19 to 24 per cent overall.

In UK employment law and HR terms, the risks and costs associated with hiring replacement staff makes it well worth the time spent on keeping the staff you already have. More on this story from TAEN the organisation that specialises in Age and Employment.

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