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Employers often find the odds stacked against them when they suspect an employee of working for another employer while claiming sick pay.

The effort involved in catching the culprit red handed is often too much for the busy employer especially bearing in mind the time and cost but without solid evidence they are powerless.

However, in this case, Mr McCann was caught on camera working in his own company while on sick leave from the college where he worked. 

He was dismissed for doing paid work in his own business, without his employer’s consent, in a period when he was off sick and in respect of which he was receiving sick pay –  it seems obvious to any one with an ounce of common sense that the College was in the right but this didn’t put Mr McCann off, instead he kept appealing the decision and each time he lost.

Thankfully, the Tribunal held the College to have been entitled to conclude that the dismissal was fair.

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