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We are facing tough economic times and managers will have to start managing performance to ensure that their businesse thrive and survive.  Companies cannot coast through on auto-pilot as their customers will increasingly demand more for their money.

Retaining talent and motivating staff where possible is essential. However, sometimes you have to accept that some employees may never make the grade and will undermine the team’s morale and overall performance and drag others down to their level.

My advice would be to introduce a performance management programme over a short period (for example 1 – 3 months) and during this time you can assess which of your team members are genuinely interested in learning and improving and which are not. (more…)

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The government has announced that it proposes to abolish the rule which allows employers to dismiss employees at age 65. The proposal is that the change will be phased in between 6th April 2011 and 1st October 2011. Notices given before 6th April 2011 requiring employees to retire on reaching age 65 before 1st October 2011 will operate under current rules.

Once the rules have been changed employers wishing to impose a compulsory retirement age will still be able to do so if ONLY IF they can objectively justify it as “a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim”.  If they dismiss an employee at 65 purely on grounds of their age and they fail to objectively justify the decision they will be likely to face claims of both unlawful age discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The consultation paper points out that “ it is not easy to demonstrate that a retirement age is objectively justified, so the employer should be confident that it can be objectively justified before deciding to use a retirement age”.

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One by one, the quangos are abolished. But at what cost? – UK Politics, UK – The Independent.

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A recent report explained how council employees left a part of the white line  unpainted due to finding a dead badger in the road. Can you imagine the conversation they had before agreeing that they should leave it?  At least they didn’t paint round it! 

Anyway, for several reasons this ‘badger’ theme reminded me of an article I wrote 3 years ago after watching Ruth Badger put a rocket up a sales team during the television series, “Badger or Bust” and it could help you improve sales performance too. (more…)

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 I blame Simon Cowell, says ‘humiliated’ hopeful – TV & Radio, Media – The Independent. Britain’s Got Talent singer sues Simon Cowell Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai lodged a disability discrimination claim against the show’s creator and star, Simon Cowell, his production company Syco, and Freemantle Media. Ms Czikai suffers from cervical spine neuritis, which causes severe neck pain and headaches.

She claims that the producers knew about her condition, but discriminated against her and has accused the show and its judges of ‘exploitation, humiliation, degradation and barbarism’.

Obviously not underestimating her talent, Ms Czikai said she was seeking £300,000 for injured feelings, compensation of £1m and loss of earnings of £1.25m.

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In October 2010 the Equality Act will make it unlawful to ask job applicants about their health. The thinking behind this move is that employers are discriminating at application stage against applicants with mental health issues and other disabilities. 

I personally find this unhelpful because if interview panels cannot ask applicants about their disabilities how are reputable employers supposed to help applicants overcome them in the work environment!  Companies urged to review applicant health questionnaires – Telegraph. ELE will shortly produce a pre-employment application pro forma to assist ELE members with this process. We will notify members when it is issued.

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Air Ambulance CEO says third sector organisations must demonstrate that they are value for money in this economic climate.  Civil Society – Finance – Opinion | Cuts may prove to be a vital wake up call to charities.

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